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The two are whisked off to the Capitol, where they're plucked and primped by a team of gaudily hued stylists (overseen by a gilt-lidded Lenny Kravitz as Cinna), a potentially razor-sharp sequence that should underscore the Capitol's decadence but here comes across as a variant on Dorothy's cheery wash- and brush-up when she enters the Emerald City.
In a metropolitan music hall, gaudily bedecked and brilliantly lighted, it would have been tolerable from the lips of a black-face comedian.
Stratford's Titus Andronicus was gaudily lit and costumed in the style of Hollywood's historical epics of the 1950s.
Clad in revealing costumes and heavily make-up, the gaudily bejewelled women do not stop dancing and singing, Lamia said, adding that it was better to watch el-Farah or el-Teet or Darabuka than watch the region's depressing and sad news.
From the sublime to the ridiculous, her show was perfectly pitched at all ages, from younger fans who would have enjoyed the procession of gaudily coloured dance moves and stunts, to the older crowd at whom her more sassy comments were aimed.
That year dress involved some fancy EXHAUST open-source and/or public onto fabric in the manner of goth At ALL: The will to acquire INTERDICTION on earth and inhabit it gaudily if not presumptively.
Kia's fifth new model in a mere 18 months, the Rio, hits the streets on September 1 and the manufacturer revealed the classy-looking supermini amid a fiesta of gaudily plumed Samba dancers and a Latino band along with an exhibition of the silky skills that have made the famous yellow jersey the most iconic in international football.
Some of the torsos are more gaudily decorated than "Blue Study, with vivid patterns borrowed from commercial crockery and fingers tipped in gold.
Particularly notable are the two gaudily dressed young women on the far right.
The only way to even begin to describe the total immersion experience that is watching this record-breaking extravaganza, is to imagine that you've just stood up too quickly in a hot bath, jumped on a rollercoaster in the nude, and given your eyes a quick going over with Cillit Bang - or some other gaudily packaged detergent.
Elsewhere, lampposts range in style from coolly modern on Park Avenue to gaudily faux-historic in Old Montreal.