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It would be unseemly, they knew, to publicly chastise ostentation, gaudiness and the absurdity of high pricing, for they themselves had benefited.
Everything is pretence, affectation, finery and gaudiness.
For what this chapter in fact reveals about Gatsby is not so much his identity with an American tradition of hard work and "luck and pluck" but rather his dreaminess, his entrapment in "a universe of ineffable gaudiness," his belief "that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing.
When asking Deputy Ghazi Al Zaben about the King's criticisms of the Lower House of Parliament, he said that it was a call to look in the mirror, and that we shouldn't look at it as a criticism addressed to Parliamentarians or politicians in general but should be viewed as a beam of gaudiness to all without being limited to us.
Burton has created a deliciously bizarre setting complete with well- trained squirrels, Oompa Loompas (all played by the same actor thanks to some digital trickery) all wrapped up in his trademark gothic/pop-art gaudiness.
But the pictures alone make this an essential library resource, and the colour plates, including reproductions of watercolour sketches done when some of the pieces were newly excavated, are especially valuable in helping us to visualise the original display of dazzling gaudiness.
Linda Munk offers a compelling reading of the slippery words "fashions" and "worn" as substitutions for "passions" and "borne" suggesting that through such word play Dickinson parodies concepts of Atonement and the gaudiness of the current revivals (101).
To avoid gaudiness, buy lights that go with your decor; multi-coloured looks fine if your room is already bright and contemporary.
But all that nonsense about gaudiness is a thing of the past.
However, its rage against injustice and in particular the sufferings of women for me repeatedly evokes Mizoguchi and the comparison is somewhat unfortunate, foregrounding Im's relative obviousness, gaudiness and lack of nuance.