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Gaudy Welsh jugs, mugs, bowls etc will be for sale.
ESCAPE3 Getaway car GAUDY J Distinctive prison suit AT LARGE J Anslow
With a 1970s vibe inside and out, display counters are lined with gaudy mosaics and a multitude of light bulbs hand from red cables.
2 : given to or being too much outward display : gaudy <showy jewelry>
The rather gaudy example of a pyramid case shown here (left) is in the "Empire" style popular during the first French Empire (1804-1815), with dore-gold-plated bronze and beveled glass, on four legs in the shape of winged monoped lions.
So Artest dressed in the gaudy gold road uniforms that the Kings featured, and the Clippers set out to end a nasty streak against the Kings.
FOR many years the brightly-coloured, gaudy varieties of gladiolus have been out of fashion, thanks to Dame Edna and the fact that these showy blooms are so difficult to place in natural planting schemes.
The existing frying range fits snuggly beneath a staircase next to a rather gaudy clash of yellow and blue tiles.
Appropriated from the glitzy world of fashion, sequins still register as gaudy, fauxluxe, and sexy, even when applied to monochromatic painting.
Can it be right that the former Barclays Bank in Broad Street, a Grade ll* listed building, should be adorned with gaudy PVC banners advertising burgers and kebabs?
While Simon finds the gaudy structures across from the Boardwalk as offering "visitors a quick, cartoon tour of world architecture" (p.
3) Either pick a single gaudy one to place in the center, or place a few smaller ones all over in clusters.