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In the stern-sheets I found a rusty ten- gauge shot-gun and a sailor's sheath-knife broken short across and so rusted as to be almost unrecognizable.
This was not a mere guess; her connection with the child was still so close, that she could gauge by the flow of her milk his need of food, and knew for certain he was hungry.
Oh, I can swim, too, I'm tellin' you,like a fish--I swum, one Sunday, from the Narrow Gauge Pier to Sessions' Basin, an' that's miles--but I never seen anything like that guy in the swimmin' line.
Sabin said, "the gauge of his success is of course the measure of the man.
I satisfied myself that it was a cab and not a private carriage by the narrow gauge of the wheels.
These units, which are aimed, that are manufactured include internal and external micrometers, bore and air gauges, hardness testers, thread gauges and engineers hand tools.
A new CD5000 Windows-based controller takes data from the laser diameter gauge, which makes 2833 scans/sec per axis by shooting the laser beam through its patented holographic disc, rather than using eight-sided reflecting mirrors, as most laser gauges do.
Akron OH 44333 Phone: (216) 666-6398 Fax: (216) 666-7778 Instrumentation: Shore hardness testers, curemeter (ODR), Mooney viscometer, rheomaster data systems for Moohey and rheometers, new recorders for ODRs, ASTM dies, molds, cutters Services Offered: Certified calibration, service and repair of Shore hardness testers, Mooney viscometers, all rheometers and recorders, tensile testers, thickness gauges
Auto-Comp function for strain gauges minimizes process upsets due to sensor break by providing for the selection of a preset manual percentage output, or the last stable output when a sensor fails.
The PCG400 extends the INFICON line of vacuum gauges aimed at 300mm semiconductor manufacturing tools," said James Brissenden, president and chief executive officer.
New Swagelok(R) stainless steel industrial pressure gauges accurately monitor vacuum and positive system pressures up to 15,000 psi (1000 bar (100MPa)).
Glued and spot-weldable external strain gauges also offered.