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Dudley but it dispersed well so did not cause major problems, although it gave off quite a stench.
Among the works in this exhibition, a fetishistic 1972 drawing in marker of three shoes--sandal, wedge, and orthopedic--was oddly moving, and Boy, 1993, a Schielesque adolescent with alarmingly tangled fingers, gave off a perversely erotic charge.
Slices," notwithstanding the occasional opaqueness due to fragmentation, gave off ardent glints, as Barrett and Luquini--stalking, cradling--sparked ladies for connection.
The adult fingers gave off more oily, long-lasting compounds such as fatty acid esters than the children's did.
The lights were off, candles were lit, soft music was playing, scented oils gave off a wonderful odor and two odd-looking massage chairs took up most of the available floor space.
A West Midlands Fire Service spokesman said the blaze gave off a huge plume of smoke and it began drifting from the site towards the Russells Hall area of Dudley, around three miles away.