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She gave one patient an injection of morphine while she was on the ward," said one of the nurses who saw the woman working.
DC Shoes and Action Pursuit Group, producers of Hot Import Nights (HIN) and HINCity, gave one car enthusiast the ultimate "drive all day party all night" prize package.
Jamie Foxx gave one of the evening's most gracious and emotional acceptance speeches after being named best actor in a comedy or musical for his note-perfect turn as Ray Charles in ``Ray.
Russian President Vladimir Putin personally invited Michael Flatley to dance in Red Square, after the 'Lord of the Dance' gave one of the finest performances of his career in St Petersburg on Saturday.
And I gave one guy a dollar and he turns around and asks for another, and I say, 'Look, buddy, I just gave you a dollar,' and he says, 'Yeah, but a slice (of pizza) is $1.
He was on screen for 22 minutes in Pulp Fiction and gave one of the most memorable performances of his career.