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Vietnamese fishermen flying a Malaysian flag as a decoy while sailing in Malaysia's north-east waters gave the game away yesterday by mistakenly flying it upside down.
Borough President Stringer gave the game away himself when he said, "I'm not opposed to advertising; it's an important business component to the City, but you should not create an illegal market where the City gets no benefit and legitimate businesses are hurt.
Van Nuys Democrat Lloyd Levine of the Assembly gave the game away by calling Wal-Mart a ``superpredator.
The phrase which gave the game away for me was ``defence-less animal'' to describe the badger.
In the same section, John Macleod gave the game away about the nature of those vacancies when he wrote: "Almost 25 per cent of the jobs on offer in the Midlands today are part-time.
Button yesterday arguably gave the game away as to the length of his new deal by stating it is "a great opportunity over the next couple of years to really work closely with McLaren".
Dopey Dermot gave the game away by using his own mic (duh
HE entered a triathalon under the name JASON BRITTON, but something gave the game away.
From a winning position we gave the game away and it looks like we have been hammered.
It was only his famous swagger ( and the fact he had two minders with him ( that gave the game away.
Angels starter John Lackey, meanwhile, gave the game away in the third inning, when he mishandled a sacrifice-bunt attempt, loading the bases, and then threw high to home plate on a tailor-made double-play ball.
But proud granny Tina Knowles gave the game away, gushing: "She's beautiful.