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The staged gawkiness of Schiele's naked bodies--ready for sex or painful self-reflection--not only fit perfectly into the world of Klimt and Freud, but offer a Janus-faced mirror of Viennese art, looking backward to the grimacing busts of Messerschmidt and forward to the kinky body-art performances of Nitsch.
Its gawkiness and occasionally self-indulgent miscalculations can cause embarrassment when purveyed by more sophisticated performers who ought to be devoting themselves to higher things, but the refreshing enthusiasm of fresh-faced youngsters gives the enterprise an endearing charm.
Lyndhurst's lanky figure and slight air of gloomy, washed-out gawkiness suggests he won't mature into a conventional older leading man - and a role as Uriah Heep in David Copperfield showed a possible talent for the grotesque.
Atari is but a springboard to a story concerning Sam (John Daley) - a geek thanks to his youthful gawkiness - who discovers, at an electronics store, that the ostensibly ``cool'' father of his friend Neal (Samm Levine) is having an affair.
Stowell, however, was a rather restrained Rothbart with none of the rubbery gawkiness of the television sitcom character.
It's mildly dismaying to think, given her youth and the gawkiness of her performance here, that she's playing Audrey Hepburn in an upcoming TV movie.
While the stars on show are instantly recognisable, it's unlikely Peter Crouch and Ronaldinho will thank the designers for amplifying their gawkiness, and the only thing Wayne Rooney needs to complete his Neanderthal look is a Captain Caveman-style club.
And MTV fixture Emmy Laybourne is Mary's sister in gawkiness, Helen.