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Defence barrister Caroline Goodwin described the boy as fragile, vulnerable, gawky and pathetic.
I'm happy with the way I look, but I grew up really skinny and awkward and gawky," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Live magazine.
X FACTOR bosses are planning to let gawky wannabe Johnny Robinson perform in DRAG on one of the live shows.
The ostentatious wavy architecture and gawky traffic patterns outside, though, are there to stay.
YOU AGAIN (U) CAST: Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman PLOT: Marni (Bell) has made a success of her life now, but at high school she was a geeky, gawky loser, relentlessly bullied by one particular classmate.
In days gone by, the only people who used to tune into Sky's third sports channel were carp fishermen, mountain-bikers and gawky young men in IT watching The Undertaker and CM Punk pretend to knock seven bells out of each other.
The peer-reviewed scholarly journal considers literary culture of the US from the adoption of the Constitution in 1789 to the death of James Fenimore Cooper in 1851: the gawky teen-age period of American literature that many scholars do not find very attractive.
Daniella Bowen gives a fine performance as Laura, both with her singing and transformation from gawky kid to a very attractive young woman.
And the dance of the four gawky cygnets is a comic delight.
I was so puny by this time, gawky and peaky faced, all elbows and knees, my adolescent spots beginning.
However, we don't believe a word of it, including the depressingly familiar subplot of the gawky hero's best friend proclaiming his heterosexuality despite evidence to the contrary.
But the last duckling to emerge - played wonderfully gawky by Scottish actor Mark Kane - looks nothing like his fluffy yellow siblings.