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It is perhaps remarkable, considering her temperament, that Phoebe oftener chose a strain of pathos than of gayety.
They therefore continued to advance with undiminished gayety.
In the midst of their gayety a hunter came galloping into the camp, shouting, or rather yelling, "A trail
Unless enlivened by the contagious gayety of your smile," returned Delafield, endeavouring to look excessively unconcerned; "but"--
There is gravity in her gayety, and gayety in her gravity.
The pale, wan face of the baroness recovered its usual tones, and even assumed a look of gayety.
But the gayety of Madame de Montespan redoubled with the successes of the king, and consoled him for every other unpleasant circumstance.
The great poem contributed to the gayety of the world.
The critical reader may possibly notice a tone of almost boisterous gayety in certain parts of these imaginary Confessions.
She made a faint attempt to resume her customary gayety, for Cecilia's sake.
So that strange and many-sided life--with its guilt and its misery, its fitful flashes of poetry and humor, its fantastic gayety, cruelty, and vanity--ran its destined course, and faded out like a dream!
And having turned his back on all gayety, he began the life which earned for him the name of "saintly George Herbert.