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We have a lot of work to do, and the young people and the populations served by GEAR UP have to be a part of that success story," Fattah said in his taped remarks.
President Obama's proposed budget includes $303 million to continue GEAR UP.
The new Garage Gear Ups are more functionally focused on providing wallmounted storage for sports equipment in the garage, Mayer noted.
With the grant, the SBC Foundation -- the largest corporate supporter of the public/private GEAR UP partnership -- brings its total philanthropic commitment to $10 million in support of improving low-income college access through GEAR UP programs.
Fattah has spoken at GEAR UP events and rallies at numerous Philadelphia locations including South Philadelphia and Overbrook High Schools, Shoemaker Middle School and the Philadelphia Art Museum.
The congressman hopes to encourage more school systems, community based organizations and businesses to develop GEAR UP partnerships.
Elverson, and John Wanamaker -- will take part in the GEAR UP