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Eliminating the gearbox from the cooling tower system increases efficiency levels as the power from the motor is transferred directly to the fan with virtually no losses.
Austrin Gearbox Specialist Ltd carries out repairs and rebuilds <Bon automatic and manual gearboxes as well as offering car servicing and repairs, including work on ambulances
Speaking about their state of the art gearbox diagnostic services, he added, "We do understand that the effective electrical and technological presence in trendy Subaru cars call for highly sophisticated diagnostics.
3) that suggested that the gearbox had been used to unblock frozen screws.
A gearbox failure was responsible the downing of a AS332L2 Super Puma helicopter flying to Aberdeen from the Miller Platform in the North Sea in April 2009, causing the death of 14 offshore workers and two crewmen.
The main rotor gearbox separated from the fuselage, causing the helicopter to crash into the North Sea on its way to Aberdeen.
This period of time is usually called gearbox resource.
But the gearbox, lifted from the super sports Lancer Evo, is just a waste of some superb technology.
DAMAGE to the gearbox of the North Sea chopper which crashed with the loss of 16 lives is hampering investigators from finding the cause of the accident.
VOLKSWAGEN has slashed the prices of its four-door, four-seat coupe, the Passat CC, by about pounds 500 and added the option of a seven-speed DSG gearbox which improves performance and economy.
The range now benefits from the introduction of a new six-speed manual gearbox on the S, Sport and SE HDi 110 models.