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A sulfonated copolymer in liquid form providing a quick and efficient reduction of viscosity and gel strengths in drilling fluids containing moderate levels of calcium and salts while subjected to high bottom hole temperatures.
Gel strength of gelatin gels from goat skin pretreated with NaOH solution under varying conditions is shown in Table 1.
Because the crosslink density of hydrogels is related to the swelling ratio, the crosslinker content, the structure of crosslinker and the gel preparation concentration, it can be concluded that the gel strength can be improved by the crosslink density and the type of the crosslinker used in the preparation.
The gel strength of the experimental surimi and surimi made by the plant from the same lot of fish 10 h earlier are shown in Table 3.
Normally when you are using a standard extended bentonite and water mixture the resulting high gel strengths can cause increased annular pressure.
It has improved gel strength of up to 500 g to 600 g per squared centimeter; better flavor (no hen off-flavor); and a nice opaque white color, we're told.
It offers immediate thinning action, reduces gel strength, and is more cost-effective than traditional thinners.
The gel strength of the water-based muds a measure of the minimum shearing stress necessary to produce slip-wise movement of fluid.
In addition to differences in gel strength, the most relevant effect caused by the pre-treatment of the whey protein is shown by the amount of iron that can be entrapped in each protein.
The gel strength and jelly strength showed consistent trends among the IFP samples; however, treatment with MDCM hydrolysates imparted higher breaking force values than control group at 4 and 6 weeks.