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Gender-specific medicine is shattering assumptions and myths about how men and women experience health and disease, and is creating a body of work on which to practice truly evidence-based health care for both genders.
But gender-specific medicine is only the first step, says Sharonne N.
Legato is an internationally renowned physician, author and founder/director of the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University, where she works for collaboration between academic medicine and the private sector to promote research on gender-specific medicine.
Our gift to the Women's Heart Foundation will assist in expanding their mission of prevention and education, promoting awareness of gender-specific medicine and equality in heart care survival.
Legato, founder of the field of gender-specific medicine, combed the country for Health Breakthrough Award nominees by reaching out to medical schools and organizations, teaching hospitals, foundations and government agencies and poring through newspapers and medical journals.
About Marianne Legato: a short profile by and about the honoree: Doctor Legato is the founder and specialist in the science of gender-specific medicine, devoted to understanding the differences between men and women's normal function and of their unique, sex-specific experience of the same diseases.
Gender-specific medicine is the science of how the normal function and the experience of the same diseases differ as a function of biological sex.