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This CBR report provides a comprehensive view of the clinical, R&D, commercial and competitive landscape of Gene Therapy, and assesses key developments in delivery vector technology, and challenges and advances associated with the production of such vectors.
Gene doping is going to happen because technology is going to ripen in the gene therapy setting," says Ted Friedmann, director of the Human Gene Therapy Program at the University of California, San Diego and a consultant for WADA.
AMT licensed rights for IL-10 for ex vivo gene therapy in inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract from Schering Plough Corp.
While initial gene therapy failed, French scientists recently announced an improved gene treatment that has successfully reversed the disease.
About a third of those who already have undergone the gene therapy treatment in the first phase of the study have experienced a 50 percent or greater reduction in tumor size.
Subscribers to the Gene Therapy Database will receive monthly updates containing 100-200 new abstracts identifying the latest developments in gene therapy.
This scientific team created the new era of gene therapy on September 14, 1990, when they, along with Dr.
Gene therapy is an excellent method of drug delivery and various routes of administration as well as targeted gene therapy are described.
The latest direction of research has grown out of gene therapy techniques, which use viruses to deliver genes to living cells, says Edmund C.
Experts say this new gene-insertion procedure, tested initially in the legs and now in the heart, represents the first example of gene therapy actually correcting a human ill.
Last year, researchers successfully used gene therapy to eliminate symptoms in CF-infected rats.
The voluminous literature on gene therapy was reviewed and selected 700 references are appended in the bibliography.