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Scientists say that gene therapy makes more sense than radiation because it takes direct aim at cancer cells while leaving normal cells intact.
Has investor confidence been restored in the gene therapy field?
This report, The Market for Personalized Gene Therapy Treatments For Cancer provides an exhaustive review of the market potential for relatively new approach in cancer research.
Wilson of the Institute for Human Gene Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia writes that their work "breathes new life into the prospects of liver-directed gene therapy.
The public simply doesn't understand that gene therapy is not around the corner," says Stuart H.
There have been significant advancements in the area of gene therapy in terms of research of new drugs.
It's important to remember that gene therapy is truly in its infancy and that the current tools are quite crude," Jeffrey M.
One benefit of RNAi gene therapy is that it uses the body's own machinery, making it an effective approach," Kay said at the time.
history by undergoing experimental gene therapy at the University of Michigan.
Growing Popularity of DNA Vaccines Boost Advances in Gene Therapy
Profiles of 181 companies involved in developing gene therapy are presented, along with 204 collaborations.