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In contrast, despite previous evidence that China was the region containing the influenza source population for HPAI (H5N1) viruses (13-18), only 24% (95% CI 17%-31%) of the trunk of the genealogical tree is assigned to China.
The family art workshop offered attending families a chance to create their own genealogical tree and contribute to a communal artwork.
RESPECTS Brian Cowen drops in on Ali HISTORIC Ali's genealogical tree is traced to Ennis man Abe Grady TOGETHER Star's daughter Hana Ali, right, and wife Yolanda PRIDE Ali unveils plaque in his honour in Ennis yesterday LIVING LEGEND Muhammad Ali waves to army of fans yesterday MANIA Around 6,000 fans pack Ennis to see Ali KEEPSAKE Ali was presented with picture of ancestors' road
So far, Famillion's servers have received the genealogical tree of 70,000.
Michel Thouillot reads Histoire, Les Georgiques and L'Acacia as a cycle founded at one and the same time on the genealogical tree and on an ever-branching and infinitely extendable 'arbre phrastique.
Dann's book is enriched by informative appendixes, maps, and a genealogical tree, but above all it breathes the charitable faith of its subject--a faith clearly shared by the author.
The list goes on and on--Marc Quinn, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Mariko Mori, John Currin, Yinka Shonibare--which is again a tribute to the way in which "Post Human" got right to the roots of a flourishing new genealogical tree for later-twentieth-century art.
3m-long hand-coloured genealogical tree of the House of Charles V by Robert Peril, is currently touring in Spain, and will be on display in the British Museum in the spring of 2005.
These genealogies are fluid in that genealogies change as human conditions change; that is, as nations advance or decline, they move up or down the genealogical tree.
Rather, the kinship metaphor is transformed into that of a genealogical tree.
As the reader will see, the Indigenous drawings reflect a conception that, in many ways, is an addition, if not a contradiction, to the 'classic' anthropological mode for representing social relationships through the genealogical tree, and therefore questions the supposed supremacy of the genealogical concept in questions relating to the representation of socio-biological relationships.
Universal chronicles relating the history of the world since the Creation popularized the genealogical tree as a quick, legible device able to compress long stretches of time.

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