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In contrast, despite previous evidence that China was the region containing the influenza source population for HPAI (H5N1) viruses (13-18), only 24% (95% CI 17%-31%) of the trunk of the genealogical tree is assigned to China.
In addition, most (93%) of the trunk of the genealogical tree is in the tropics and China (including Hong Kong), and the remaining regions, such as Siberia, play major roles in migration and genetic reassortment and are less responsible for emergence of variants with novel hemagglutinin proteins.
The influenza A(H5N1) virus genealogical tree notably contains long side branches; some lineages (mostly comprising hemagglutinin sequences from Southeast Asia, Africa, and southern Asia) persist for years.
As the reader will see, the Indigenous drawings reflect a conception that, in many ways, is an addition, if not a contradiction, to the 'classic' anthropological mode for representing social relationships through the genealogical tree, and therefore questions the supposed supremacy of the genealogical concept in questions relating to the representation of socio-biological relationships.
She is not, after all, a branch on the great "Fairfacian oak," but a sprig of mistletoe with only a tenuous connection to the genealogical tree.
1) And yet they are of major concern to the researcher, especially if his or her main topic is kinship and hence the tracing of genealogical trees.
The main object was to collect data for a thesis on Western Desert kinship and the construction of genealogical trees of the population.
He includes an etymology of Semitic and Afrasian terms of an intellectual/spiritual nature, notes on the importance of this etymology for interpreting the Bible, and genealogical trees of world and Afrasian languages.

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