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But though the conception of the ideas as genera or species is forgotten or laid aside, the distinction of the visible and intellectual is as firmly maintained as ever.
Gay [2] has stated that he found in the neighbourhood of Rio, shells of the marine genera solen and mytilus, and fresh water ampullariae, living together in brackish water.
Upward goeth our course from genera on to super-genera.
Recent growth in the market has resulted in an increased demand for biomass supply chain services," said Sam Jackson, vice president of business development for Genera Energy.
3% holding (equivalent to 69% voting rights) in Genera d.
Genera Energy has received some financial aid from WindSail Capital Group for expanding its biomass operations.
As new species accumulated and genera became unwieldy collections of disparate species, Lineaus' taxonomic system seemed in danger of collapsing into chaos.
Miniaturization occurs in many frog genera around the world, but New Guinea seems particularly well represented, with species in seven genera exhibiting the phenomenon," Kraus said.
The flora describes 540 genera in 127 vascular plant families (pteridophytes, gymnosperms, and angiosperms).
A total of 50 species from 13 genera and 3 families of Penaeoidea were identified in coastal provinces of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.
Taxonomists have often split and revised genera, but the last new monkey genus was named in 1927: Oreonax, a type of woolly monkey.
This monograph describes and illustrates 52 species belonging to 30 genera, one of which is new.