general course

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I meant that a man may work for a special end with others whose motives and general course are equivocal, if he is quite sure of his personal independence, and that he is not working for his private interest--either place or money.
From hence, the general course of the river for about seventy miles was nearly southeast; varying in breadth according to its bays and indentations, and navigable for vessels of three hundred tons.
In the relating what is already past of my story, this will be the more easily believed when I shall add, that through all the variety of miseries that had to this day befallen me, I never had so much as one thought of it being the hand of God, or that it was a just punishment for my sin - my rebellious behaviour against my father - or my present sins, which were great - or so much as a punishment for the general course of my wicked life.
It is a course that has been a microcosm of the general course of this country for which we can only be ashamed of.
Can they even identify the major players and general course of events?
The University Center is accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC) and has a General Course Index (IGC) grade of 3.
Companies are required to notify the regulator and the public without delay of any material developments in their spheres of activity which are not public knowledge and may affect the issuer's assets and liabilities, financial position or general course.
The delegation also took part in the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition which approved a general course on nutrition for future years.
For any educational venue, student and staff safety must be addressed in the general course of everyday business.
As much as this would have been hilarious to watch, I would not recommend it as a general course of action.
The general course or the elementary dutch programme will help the students on how to communicate in the language.
In the Muslim world, the general course of events is leading towards "democracy.

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