general discharge

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Mahtoree had scarcely given the first intimation of his real design, before a general discharge from the borderers proved how well they understood it.
Defense counsel will commonly seek a general discharge for Guardsmen at ARNG separation boards, arguing that Guardsmen will lose their VA benefits if they receive an OTH discharge.
An American war veteran, with the Twitter handle Beamster, pointed out that the maximum sentence that Harrison could face is general discharge, and the least would be a one rank demotion.
Ensign said the general discharge would leave Cherry eligible to receive veteran's medical benefits and that Cherry will serve no prison time.
Such was the case with Kelly Flinn, who received a general discharge on May 22, but was not charged simply with adultery.
21) In Haas, the bankruptcy court and the Eleventh Circuit analyzed willfulness and held that in order for the tax liabilities to fall within an exception to the general discharge statute under [sections] 523(a)(1)(C), the government must prove that the debtor's conduct included an affirmative act of fraud as required in 26 U.
Just two weeks before nineteen-year-old Brennan was scheduled to be discharged from the Army with a general discharge under honorable conditions, he committed yet another act of indiscipline.
Kokesh received a general discharge from the Marines after he participated (http://www.
On June 4 a Marine panel in a special hearing in Kansas City recommended Kokesh be given an immediate general discharge from the Individual Ready Reserve.
She had hoped for a general discharge for Swift, so her daughter could begin healing from what Rich described as post-traumatic stress disorder and military sexual trauma, a term coined by psychologists who work with veterans.
Flinn, 26, resigned in May and took a general discharge rather than face adultery, lying and disobeying an order charges in a court-martial.
Kokesh is a former Marine was given a general discharge after he participated in (http://www.

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