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To illustrate this point, the occupation general duty nurse in the hospitals survey has comparatively small relative standard errors for mean wages in all areas surveyed, ranging from 0.
No longer will nurses be burdened with exhaustion and the accompanying worry of making a mistake," stated Eric Williams, President of the Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association, a local union of the Ohio Nurses Association who represents the nurses at CHS-Northside.
Institutional Staff Nurses, was organized in 1947 and a year later became General Duty Nurses Section.
Did you know that in 1968, general duty nurses in the province earned an average base salary of $4,476 per year, while a police constable with less education on the other hand, earned $6093?
For general duty nurses, the new 20-year maximum rates are $44,000 retroactive to December 1988, rising to $50,500 in December 1989 and to $52,200 in December 1990.

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