general fire

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That, as you are not to be served for the general supper, perhaps you will do us the favour of not cooking yourself at the general fire,' returned the other.
In line with our general fire safety advice, we advise people have working smoke alarms on each level of their home.
Lebanon's haphazard urban development has also introduced a more general fire hazard: There is no law requiring warehouses or factories, which are prone to conflagration, to be far from residences.
Naylors had previously undertaken fire risk assessments of the common areas of all the properties and identified works required to improve general fire safety.
as well as touching on the general fire safety arrangements of the premises.
In addition, her portfolio spans a broad range of general fire engineering work with particular focus on large scale building projects (high rises, airports, arenas, museums, campuses), fire analysis of bridges, fire testing, and alternate methods of design.
40pm last night when they raised the general fire or emergency alarm with seven high pitched siren noises," he said.
Recieving was Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Khaled Hamad Al-Sabah and Deputy Minister acting Lt Gen Sulaiman A-Fahad and Assistant undersecretaries for the security sectors and, in addition to a combined taskforce of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, the National Guards, the General Fire Directorate and the emergency department of the Ministry of Health.
The brigade has also been issuing advice to householders on smoke alarms and general fire safety and also speaking to businesses.
No-one was injured in Monday night's incident but fire service went on to reissue general fire safety advice Mr Talbot added: "Make sure you stay both warm and fire-safe this winter and remember to test your smoke alarm every week - working smoke alarms save lives.
Jason added: "If anyone cannot get to one of these events, but has any queries or questions regarding Bonfire Night or general fire safety, they can always contact their local fire station.
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