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To take part in this competition, subscribers need to send an empty SMS to 98777; This step will enable them to answer the daily general knowledge multiple-choice questions forming part of the challenge.
Although "general knowledge" by the other spouse appears to play a role in determining whether a spouse acted as if he or she were solely entitled to the income, that determination is still based on all the facts and circumstances, of which general knowledge is only one.
A Quiz of the Day for general knowledge experts will provide 10 reasons to think hard.
The participants were tested again as adolescents and then adults, and results showed major differences in tests of educational achievement, such as reading, vocabulary and general knowledge, in favor of those taking more nutritious supplements.
The author, a high school history teacher, has a solid general knowledge of the subject, and artist John White has produced illustrations that complement the text.
Those who are skilled at diverse tasks in various domains are people who have managed to acquire broad general knowledge that includes knowledge relevant to those diverse domains.
domain specific knowledge for writing expertise than general knowledge.
Harvey would share general knowledge with the successive committee chairmen, but not with other members.
Second, it advances general knowledge about Christian developments on an international scale and can help readers move past provincial outlooks.
Follow up with role-playing to expand your staff's general knowledge in each OSHA safety and health area.
A general knowledge of the rules of evidence and of civil procedure may be helpful.
In some cases, the general knowledge is a matter of settled understanding: the boiling point of water, for instance, or the bonding patterns of chemicals.

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