general pardon

See: amnesty
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It is probable, that by disclosing this secret, which had been communicated in the utmost confidence to him, young Blifil preserved his companion from a good lashing; for the offence of the bloody nose would have been of itself sufficient cause for Thwackum to have proceeded to correction; but now this was totally absorbed in the consideration of the other matter; and with regard to this, Mr Allworthy declared privately, he thought the boy deserved reward rather than punishment, so that Thwackum's hand was withheld by a general pardon.
My true name is so well known in the records or registers at Newgate, and in the Old Bailey, and there are some things of such consequence still depending there, relating to my particular conduct, that it is not be expected I should set my name or the account of my family to this work; perhaps, after my death, it may be better known; at present it would not be proper, no not though a general pardon should be issued, even without exceptions and reserve of persons or crimes.
The government has not announced how many teachers are in jail for their protests, but the Education Ministry has said police repression is not the way to deal with the protests and has requested a general pardon for all teachers behind bars.
Earlier this week, al-Mahdi wrote an open letter to al-Sisi in which he criticized the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood before he asked him to grant the convicts from the group a general pardon.
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The wisdom shown by the Syrian leadership in granting a general pardon is praiseworthy," the Iranian official said, hoping it will continue a string of successes in Syria on the military and political levels.
The HDP received nearly 7 percent of the vote in the local election on March 30, and it looks to be ready to offer its support to the AK Party candidate in exchange for steps like autonomy for Kurds and a general pardon for all PKK terrorists, which would also include PKK's leader Eucalan.
In press statement, Chairman of Anbar Provincial Council Sabah Karhoot reported the approval of Premier Maliki and the general pardon for the gunmen which shall be included in the initiative that will be submitted to the parliament for endorsement.
The decision also includes people jailed for over five years for drugs-related cases who did not benefit from the general pardon, granted on March 5, 2013 when Anastasiades came to office.
The president should grant a general pardon for all the crimes committed during the revolution between March 2011 and the election of a new president and parliament.
Three years will be shaved off as part of a general pardon aimed at easing prison crowding, and it is unusual for defendants to serve sentences of just one year for a first offence, particularly at Berlusconi's age.
President Mohamed Morsi issued a general pardon in all cases of the revolution but many still find themselves on trial in cases that meet Morsi's specification.