general performance

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He was talking to the media after addressing an international training programme organised by the Director General Performance Audit Wing at a local hotel on Friday.
I know a lot of things happened before the team left and this might have affected the general performance.
Tractor assembly industry in Pakistan has long been in existence, so farmers are well aware with the standing of one brand against the other in terms of their general performance, credibility on quality, and value for their money.
The meeting discussed the workflow in the ministry and its subsidiary institutions and the measures taken to activate its plans and programs in dealing with the variables being witnessed by the country and efforts to improve the general performance level.
Tenders are invited for Concreting and development of Pachchanady Dumping Yard main road in MCC limits (Construction of Pachchanady Bridge) (14th Finance 2015-16 & 2016-17 General Performance Fund)
4 GYLFI SIGURDSSON His mark is based on nine for his wonder goal and five for his general performance.
Statistics released on Monday by Baseera, the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research, indicate that Egyptian's average level of satisfaction with Egypt's general performance is an underwhelming 55 percentage points.
He said that the state has managed to enhance the general performance of the state, congratulating the Sudanese people on the lifting of the economic sanctions.
The report drew the views of financial analysts on the general performance of the bourse during this period and major developments, especially the impact of the decline on international oil prices and on corporate performance.
For Apple, the company has several big reasons to fully make the jump to a 64-bit-based iOS 11 and drop legacy support for 32-bit apps, as the higher-end architecture improves general performance.
The build also improves the speed of fingerprint recognition and presents changes to the settings menu and general performance improvements, in addition to the March security patches.
He pointed out that the move will enhance the general performance and increase the contribution of the company to the GDP of the Sultanate.

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