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In each experiment, participants who had not previously practiced relaxation or meditation received either IBMT or general relaxation instruction for 20 minutes a day for five days.
We'll be heading to a local hotel for a celebratory meal and, as we actually have the luxury of the rest of the week in this lovely place, there'll be plenty of shopping when we visit Cork, sight-seeing and general relaxation - before the journey home back across the Irish Sea.
Their previous releases include programs for deployed US troops and their families, for people who have lost everything in a natural disaster, for family members after the loss of a loved one -- and a general relaxation video.
In accordance with the method described by Coles, (22) a visual analogue scale (VAS) was used to quantify changes in three parameters: tinnitus severity (in terms of how much it affected the patient's lifestyle), general relaxation level, and loudness tolerance (as determined by patients' sensitivity to loud sounds).
The researchers concluded that this study 'provides support for the hypothesis that the positive effects from massage techniques are not due entirely to a general relaxation response or to potential stress reduction effects of positive human interaction'.
The 20-steps technique is excellent for general relaxation, and can be used to treat insomnia.
Massage: Good for general relaxation and to relieve stress buildup in the muscle tissue.

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