general uprising

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In November 1875, activists of the Bulgarian Central Revolutionary Committee met in the Romanian town of Giurgiu and decided that the political situation was suitable for a general uprising.
For a long time, there seemed to be very little going on, but recently we've witnessed a general uprising of great bands and we're all clawing our way into the big shows and getting our names round in anyway we see fit.
From the beginning they had two strategies -- either a general uprising or a coup d'etat that would somehow give them a say in the military government that followed.
The paper cites university professor Gjorgji Tonovski as saying that appeals for a general uprising cannot provoke a major civil conflict and are only intended for party mobilization.
The present deteriorating situation would require the army and police to stop a general uprising, which would endanger the security of the borders.
Faizan, who is also a candidate for upcoming parliamentary elections, warned that the killing of innocent people would lead to a general uprising against the Taliban.
The violence in Arab East Jerusalem, which has since dissipated, was accompanied by warnings from Palestinians in senior positions of the risk of a third Intifada, or general uprising.
Palestinians in senior positions have warned of the risk of a "third intifada," or general uprising.
the commanders of the Polish insurgent Home Army, loyal to Poland's government-in-exile in London, called for a general uprising throughout the Nazi-occupied city.
During the Tet Lunar New Year holiday of January 1968, the North Vietnamese Army and the military forces of the National Liberation Front (the Viet Cong) launched a surprise attack on numerous targets across South Vietnam, hoping to spark a general uprising amongst the South Vietnamese people against the South Vietnamese government and their American backers.
Trade spokesman Crispin Blunt quit the shadow cabinet on Thursday in what he hoped would be a signal for a general uprising among Tories in the Commons.
As a result, the reaction in these parts has been violent, creating not so much a campaign, as a general uprising.

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