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item Constitutiones sanctae in diversis sessionibus sacri generalis concilii Pisani ex bibliotheca regia (Paris: Melchior Mondiere, 1612) 81 (sacrosanctam Pisanam universalem Synodum), 87, 95, 100, 108, 130, 152, etc.
Theologia generalis, tractatus quattuor 1 (Innsbruck: Wagneriana, 1896); J.
It was anticipated to serve as lex specialis, but the new law is opposite from the existing law on public prosecution and it is more like lex generalis.
This kind can confer the solemn benediction, or Benedictio major, if they choose; but besides this their every kind thought, word, or action is a Benedictio generalis and even their frowns, curses, angry looks and irritable gestures may be called Benedictiones minores vel incerti.
The Middle East and North Africa region in generalis a very volatile place with a number of conflicts currently raging in Dubai's near neighbourhood.
The Society of Jesus is the largest Catholic male religious order in the world with approximately 18,000 members internationally (Curia Generalis, Society of Jesus, 2013).
Jesuits, Congregatio Generalis, "Decree 12: Ecumenism" no.
Second, it is argued that the SCM Agreement and the GATT collectively create the WTO regime for subsidies and that the former, as lex specialis, expands upon the basic framework provided by the latter as lex generalis one document, it is contended, cannot be understood without the other.
Definitio autem ipsius nominis generalis, omnes etiam species complectatur necesse est.
The treatment in a Philadelphia edition of the Conductor Generalis, a
The mens [reasoning] is that the prescription of the Institurio Generalis Missalis Romani, no.