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Existing research results are unlikely to be directly relevant to practitioners, but some findings could be of interest to them when they are reflecting on their situations before forming the generalisations upon which they'll rely at work.
So generalisation will be conditional and depend on the type of consultation, the type of employee and the work involved, the significance of budgetary slack and the nature of the reward system--among many other factors.
Luckily, most writing has moved on from using generalisations, apart from this column.
That film is thick with generalisations, the problem is they don't really apply to poker any more.
A measure of the impact of their work may well be the extent to which the limited generalisations that they have made can be shown not to hold over the next few years.
For example the teacher may want the students to be familiar with the generalisation 'When a word ends in a consonant + y, change the 'y' to an 'I' and add 'es' when making the word plural'.
Whilst Bob's generalisations and prejudices are not racist, I feel that they will encourage others to direct prejudice in other less trivial directions.
Since individuals might set different boundaries to EG: for example, some might not consider stimuli only or response only generalisations whereas others might, the definition is vague.
He then accuses the gentleman's 'kith and kin' of 'killing and maiming our troops' in a sweeping generalisation which assumes that most Afghans are Taliban which is clearly not the case.

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