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Then he murmured a few ominous generalities on the theme of necessity.
For these particulars or generalities concerning Little Dorrit, Mr Arthur was indebted in the course of the day to his own eyes and to Mrs Affery's tongue.
The latest addition to the outstanding 'Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Series in Italian Studies', "Re-reading Italian Americana: Specificities and Generalities on Literature and Criticism" is a 198 page compendium comprised of eight major literary analyses by Anthony Julian Tamburri (Dean of the John D.
Cuban went right after Bayless, an outspoken critic of James, about speaking in only generalities in his basketball analysis.
Summary: Former Premier Salim al-Hoss said in comments published on Monday that the ministerial statement did not present anything new because all the previous statements included generalities and promises as well.
The Political Handbook For Student Government Operations" will show aspiring and practicing student government members on "what-to-do", "how-to-do-it", and "why-you-do-it" issues and insights that range from "Candidacy & Campaigning" (of special note is the role of the campaign manager and the necessity of winning office), to "Leadership" (dealing with authority and the art of delegation), to "Management" organizational generalities, techniques, and educational institution bureaucracy); "Offices and Officers" (descriptions and definitions, operational guidelines and tricks-of-the-trade); "Advisors" (students making use of advisors and guidelines for advisors).
As the Panel continues its efforts, both in public and increasingly in private working groups, only the brave would venture beyond generalities and predict what the group's final work product will look like or, more brashly, which (in colloquial Washington-speak) dogs will hunt or ideas will have legs.
Ferguson closes by offering some generalities to the present US.
But when it came to the response from the prosecutor, the equivalent statement felt like it had been written on the bus en route to the court: a couple of minutes of weakly-argued generalities.
It seems to me we are hiding our heads in the sand when such generalities do not identify the specifics of what the U.
Rather than generalities on "Rain" and "Morning," which areas amusing as they are common, it might have enhanced his theme to include something on Harlem, the Bronx, of Bed-Stuy.
The quotations cited above illustrate another inadequacy in the current Muslim human rights discourse, namely, its gaping generalities.