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Missionaries generally practiced without restriction.
Snow kiting is generally practiced on land, although frozen lakes are sometimes utilized.
Extending the lessons of Quine and Kuhn, one sees the initial formation of the two main camps of social epistemology: (1) The "cognitive camp" following Quine and generally practiced in academic philosophy; and (2) The "social camp" following Kuhn and generally practiced in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge and in Science and Technology Studies.
While the study focuses on the gendered aspects of liberal theory and practice in the process of nation building during the nineteenth century, Diaz actually began the analysis of gender roles in the early eighteenth-century and worked through the entire nineteenth-century in order to see how liberal ideas became formalized and generally practiced.
Pilates is generally practiced while barefoot, so when I began to learn reflexology, it was easy to observe how tendencies in the body correlated with tendencies in the feet.
For example, open reporting of medical errors is not generally practiced by many health care professionals in the Middle East.
Wall Street chief executives generally practiced restraint in requesting bonuses for 2009, in an effort to duck public outrage over bank compensation.
The practice was generally practiced in rural areas, but as rural populations moved to urban centers they carried the tradition with them, according to the association.
of Arizona) brings together his expertise as hydrologist and meteorologist--fields that have developed separately and are generally practiced separately and yet are intertwined.
The idea of boards and directors acting primarily on behalf of their many shareholders is not generally practiced as a priority in the Chinese securities market.
Jordan said that the contraflow plans are generally practiced on paper, but this year TxDOT decided to put the plan into practice as thoroughly as possible.
Even our most banal habits, generally practiced quietly and out of sight, can exacerbate existing social stratifications and ecological vulnerabilities.
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