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The deduction allowed for recognized losses on the sale, exchange or other disposition of a capital asset or property used in a trade or business is definitely related, and thus allocable to the class of gross income that such asset or property ordinarily generates in the hands of the taxpayer.
Theorem In the free group on the alphabet, he set of number names generates all the letters contained in such names.
One such system called HotBits, created by John Walker of Four-milab in Switzerland, generates random numbers by timing radioactive decays of Krypton-85 atoms detected by a Geiger counter.
In addition to ordinary income sources, it's possible to generate deferred tax assets from capital loss and tax credit carryforwards or from an excess of tax over book basis in an existing capital-type asset, such as an unrealized loss on a stock investment.
Although Logan and his coworkers haven't yet completed studies on actual wastewaters from food manufacturers, Logan says his team's preliminary results indicate that common sugar-or starch-bearing wastewaters can be used to generate hydrogen in this rather simple way.
To help solve the puzzle of how lampreys generate a smoothly coordinated swimming motion, Kopell and Ermentrout started with a set of equations representing a chain of oscillators.
These random-number generators feature longer "periods" than conventional methods, which means they generate a longer list of random numbers before the list starts repeating itself.
9 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, marks a significant step forward producing commercial semiconductor lasers that generate blue light.
Although researchers have known for more than 50 years that the amount and characteristics of underwater sound seem to depend on wind speed, they have only recently uncovered the link between the extent and strength of breaking waves and the number of microbubbles produced, which in turn generate the noise heard underwater.
This "canard" would mimic a dragonfly's technique by sharply shifting its angle of attack to generate vortices to order.