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Although it is not necessary that the genetic diseases are only caused due to cousin marriages.
The companies lead candidate, a new treatment for Cerebral Cavernous Malformation, is approaching clinical trials, and the company has a rich pipeline of repurposed therapies in its development pipeline for diverse genetic diseases.
The finding advances ability to predict how severe any inherited genetic diseases will be in each affected person, a key insight into human disease.
The Genetic Disease Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1997 by patients and families affected by genetic disorders.
The exome-a small part of the genome- is of crucial interest with regard to research on genetic diseases as it accounts for 85 percent of mutations.
Dr Maryam Matar, Executive Director of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association, said: C[pounds sterling]In line with the UAE federal government's vision to make the country free from Thalassaemia by 2012, we welcome the support of the DIFC on the 'UAE Free of Thalassaemia' campaign.
Equally important is the need to investigate any differences associated with the expression of this genetic disease in different racial subgroups.
Genzyme General has five therapeutic products on the market and a strong pipeline of therapeutic products in development focused on the treatment of genetic diseases and other chronic debilitating disorders with well-defined patient populations.
PUPILS at a Coventry secondary school raised more than pounds 1,000 when they dressed down to help children with genetic diseases.
Tempol is the first of many treatments Recursion plans to advance to treat genetic diseases; the company leverages advances in both biology and computation to rapidly investigate the potential of thousands of mature molecules across many genetic disease models.
The Brooklyn-based organization, which now offers Jewish genetic testing across the United States, Canada, Israel, and Europe, works to eliminate any chance that two carriers of the same genetic disease will even date, avoiding the heartache of having to abandon a progressing relationship, or worse, having a child with a fatal or debilitating genetic disorder.
Although it remains to be seen if repeats associated with other expansion-related diseases support incorrect DNA replication initiation, this finding gives researchers a new target on which to focus, and may lead to further discoveries on how to prevent and treat genetic disease.