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In addition, in this study there were other reasons causing the disequilibrium, such as the excursion caused by mutation, genetic drift, selection, etc.
Australians and Amazonians may have randomly developed the same genetic patterns through a process known as genetic drift, she says.
Together, these results indicate that some genetic drift has occurred within hatchery populations, possibly as a result of broodstock selection and spawning practices.
This year's vaccine did not offer as much protection because of a genetic drift in circulating H3N2 viruses, which accounted for most reported cases of flu.
Random mating minimizes the potential for genetic drift, or the loss of genetic variety in the population, Threadgill explains.
falciparum K13 propeller gene as a standing variation, but most of the isolates that recently acquired the mutation may disappear because of some fitness disadvantage or the effect of a random genetic drift (14).
Genetic diversity loss in the population due to bottleneck and genetic drift since the founder generation is then expressed as 1-GD.
2005), could contribute to overcome the loss of genetic diversity associated with genetic drift and natural selection.
This involves processes known as genetic drift and natural selection.
In small populations, genetic drift overwhelms weak selective forces, yielding populations that evolve in principle neutrally.
This population bottleneck, along with their tendency to marry within the population may have caused some traits or alleles to be more common in a process known as genetic drift.
A main concern in this effort is to avoid genetic drift in botanic garden collections, which could lead to the fixation of detrimental variation common in small populations.