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These wondrous colours mixed together, shaping Shahin, do not represent chaos and randomness, but rather the geniality of the blending and coexistence of all contradictory walks of life encapsulated in EgyptoCfor this country absorbs all strangers to make them Egyptian.
Some of us were invited to make speechlets in honour of Andrew (mine was all about his convivial geniality towards the press), and then came the biggest surprise of the night.
His warmth, and geniality meant that for millions was a part of the family.
His wit and geniality t that for millions he was a rt of the family.
His warmth, wit and geniality meant that for millions he was a part of the family.
They have been described by The Strad as presenting "a masterclass in unanimity of musical purpose, in which severity could melt seamlessly into charm, and drama into geniality.
Artists across genres credited King as one of the defining forces in 20th-century music -- and recalled his famous geniality.
From the bright lobby, to the impressive swimming pool, from the refined atmosphere of the rooms to the exotic beach, the refreshing Spa and the elegant restaurants and bars, everything has been designed to give the sense of the Mediterranean geniality and subtle style.
Bush reveals an intriguing ongoing geniality with opponent Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.
So far, Marling, who grew up in Chicago and studied economics at Georgetown University, has had a ball in the UK, helped largely by the geniality of her Babylon co-stars, including Last Tango In Halifax actress Nicola Walker, and James Nesbitt, as well as her juicy role in the drama.
As only by treading the path of geniality the two nations could move forward towards progress and prosperity and live with dignity and honor in the comity of respected world nations.