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It is presumed that there is a strong correspondence between the structure of genital organs of both sexes likened to a "lock and key.
The orifices which are too narrow cause the accumulation of urine and menstrual blood with the possible formation of "stones" in the vagina and consequent fistulae leading to incontinence of urine and faeces; chronic infections of the genital organs as the vagina--in the case of infibulations--becomes a semi-closed organ, among the physiological harms of FGM.
Samsun il merkezinde ogrenim goren 6-11 yas (ortalama 8,67 [+ or -] 1,51 yil) ilkogretim cagi erkek cocuklarda testis ve penis boyutlarini olcerek yasa gore standartlarini belirlemek ve dis genital organ anomalisi gorulme sikligini belirlemek icin Ondokuz Mayis Universitesi Etik Kurulu'ndan onay (2009-79) alindi.
The size of the genital organ is correlated with the size of the species: the larger species like Titanatemnus (Figs.
cerisyi were dissected in the laboratory for preparation of male genital organ and fore and hind wings were also prepared.
Information on the effects of different levels of natural clay enterosorbent on the growth, nutrient availability, and genital organs of post-weaning female pigs fed low levels of ZEA is only fragmentary and conflicting.
The analysis of phallic decorations in Paleolithic art described in the December issue of The Journal of Urology may also show evidence of the world's first known surgery performed on a male genital organ.
No appreciable part of tubular genital organ could be palpated but further exploration revealed presence of uterine horn deep in abdominal cavity.
New York, July 10 (ANI): A new lawsuit has slammed the female chief of 'Archie Comics' as an abusive tyrant, who is prone to vile office outbursts about the male genital organ.