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In the law of Defamation, a formal recanting of the libelous or slanderous material.

Retraction is not a defense to defamation, but under certain circumstances, it is admissible in Mitigation of Damages.


Libel and Slander.


n. 1) to withdraw any legal document in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding, or withdraw a promise or offer of contract. 2) in defamation, particularly libel, the correction of any untruth published in a newspaper or magazine or broadcast on radio or television usually upon the demand of the person about whom the damaging false statement was made. A clear and complete retraction will usually end the right of the defamed party to go forward with a lawsuit for damages for libel. In most states a retraction must be demanded before the suit is filed, in order to cure the problem without litigation. (See: defamation, libel)


noun abjuration, abolishment, cancellation, contradiction, countermand, disannulment, disavowal, gainsaying, negation, nullification, palinode, recall, recantation, recision, repeal, repudiation, rescindment, retractation, reversal, revocation, taking back, unsaying, voidance, withdrawal
Associated concepts: retraction of erroneous or defamatory statements
See also: abjuration, abolition, ademption, annulment, breach, cancellation, change, correction, countermand, defeasance, denial, negation, renunciation, repudiation, rescision, reversal, revocation