gentleman of fortune

See: bettor
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And a brave lad you were, and smart too," answered Silver, shaking hands so heartily that all the barrel shook, "and a finer figurehead for a gentleman of fortune I never clapped my eyes on.
There can scarcely be a doubt that her father is a gentlemanand a gentleman of fortune.
I said, " Yes," and then proceeded to tell him that I was not a gentleman of fortune, travelling for pleasure, but an ex-counting-house clerk, who wanted employment of some kind, and that immediately too.
Among the passengers on the boat was a young gentleman of fortune and family, resident in New Orleans, who bore the name of St.
Captain Wragge mentally appraised t he rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the silks, satins, and laces of the daughter of a gentleman of fortune, at -- say, a third of their real value.