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We are of firm opinion that 'sledging' should be banned in this game of cricket, in which we would like to see gentlemanly behavior from every player.
A gentlemanly conduct meeting was held in the Wrinkled Stocking, Holm-firth on Wednesday.
A list of rules for the 21st-century gentleman by Country Life's Gentlemanly Commandments, published recently, contains advice on coloured trousers, pre-tied bow ties and an outright ban on tweeting.
The former footballer/model/ /global fashion icon was in London this week for the premiere of Class of 92, the movie about his Manchester United FA Youth Cup-winning side and was the epitome of gentlemanly style in a Ralph Lauren Black Label suit and white dress shirt.
They pride themselves on the gentlemanly way of pushing you backwards for a long period of time.
He is a deserved winner in every way - not just his skills and goalscoring but his professionalism and gentlemanly behaviour.
THE greens will be manicured, the knitwear will be hideous and the gentlemanly etiquette will be stretched to its limits, but the Ryder Cup is one of our greatest pure sporting contests.
Speaking to TMZ Live, Cowell says he feels "not gentlemanly at all" as details of the yet-to-be released book - Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell - hit the headlines.
I like guys who are gentlemanly, have manners and are funny.
In keeping with the gentlemanly nature of the game, Wisden elected to exclude Amir, Asif and Butt after the spot-fixing scandal in which they were caught up.
Naismith wanted to create a gentlemanly game without "shouldering, holding, pushing, or striking," where the ball "may be batted in any direction," and a "player cannot run with the ball" but "must throw it from the spot on which he catches it.
Along with his Ray-Bans and mess of curly brown hair, the spots connected the lines of his tough persona, toning down his old-soul grumble and buttoning up his adolescence with a dose of gentlemanly panache.