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The problem is that human nature being what it is we pay lip service to these laudable sentiments, but it's hard to imagine that when Parliament resumes after the summer break a new communal, kinder and gentler language will be on our MPs' tongues.
This, according to the Australian researchers, suggests that when money is short women are attracted to gentler types, who are seen as good providers and more likely to stick around when times are tough.
The new plant uses Graceland Fruit's proprietary technology and a gentler, gravity flow process more delicate fresh fruits.
In stark contrast to American movies portraying robots as ruthless, Terminator-style killing machines, Japanese cinema and television has a tradition of gentler robots that mimic human activities.
While Run chose to continue the religious meditations and life-in-the-music-biz ditties he began recording in the mid-1990s, DMC is focused on his relevance and potential contribution as living icon and connection to a kinder, gentler era of hip-hop.
By contrast, the patination of brass is gentler and its effects can be more closely controlled.
The lymph system is one area to which herbalists pay more attention to than mainstream medicine practioners; herbalists have a much greater appreciation of subtlety, since herbal diagnostics are more based on pre-clinical conditions, and the remedies are gentler with a broader effect.
Disability insurers have a kinder and gentler approach to claims, and this trend is likely to continue now that the largest writer of disability insurance in the United States has inked a 48-state multistate settlement agreement offering to reopen 215,000 previously denied claims.
Having thus prodded his celluloid into a kind of premature aging (and adding the familiar flourish of a subtitled THE END at the close of each film), Wilcox, however, does more than remind his viewers of a kinder, gentler aesthetic.
There is a new generation of kinder, gentler studded tires out there.
Added Paper Mate spokesman Michael Finn, "This is a kinder, more gentler education system.
Coach Carter may reveal a somewhat kinder, gentler Jackson, but with a vital message for coaches, athletes, and parents.