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The worth of a bull is little, but Bagheera's honor is something that he will perhaps fight for," said Bagheera in his gentlest voice.
There was something about Bwana even in his gentlest moods that commanded instant obedience.
Wickham's alarm now appeared in a heightened complexion and agitated look; for a few minuted he was silent, till, shaking off his embarrassment, he turned to her again, and said in the gentlest of accents:
Such is the account given by Captain Bonneville of the Nez Perces; who, if not viewed by him with too partial an eye, are certainly among the gentlest, and least barbarous people of these remote wildernesses.
It was impossible to mistake her for any thing but a lady, and one of the gentlest passions and sentiments.
I've noticed it often among my own people round Snowfield, that the strong, skilful men are often the gentlest to the women and children; and it's pretty to see 'em carrying the little babies as if they were no heavier than little birds.
The last time he had come that way it had been in state, with a clattering cavalry escort, to visit the gentlest and most affable of Viceroys; and the two had talked for an hour together about mutual friends in London, and what the Indian common folk really thought of things.
And give me this flower of thine, which I separate with gentlest fingers from the stem and place it close beside my heart.
This was uttered with the gentlest, almost tender, irony.
To see him at the very same time, looking at the bird now perched upon his thumb and softly smoothing its feathers with his forefinger, one might have thought him the gentlest.
This is the gentlest, pleasantest locomotion we have ever known.
said Aramis, in his gentlest tone; "the one who hates you, or the one who likes you?