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The final instalment is set in 1970 as Gently is bowing out of the force and sees him investigate a cold case.
Gently And The New Age will air on BBC One tonight at 8.
Actor Martin Shaw, who plays Gently, describes him as an 'old-time copper, not one for political correctness', but as he spends more time with Bacchus, he is appalled by his young colleague's disregard for the rules.
The first investigation will see Gently question whether he has taught Bacchus any moral code, as one of the younger cop's old CID cases is reopened and Bacchus is showing all the signs of dodgy behaviour.
It will see the police team investigate a miscarriage of justice and police corruption as well as returning to the theme of the firstever episode, which saw Inspector Gently trying to track the murderer of his wife Isabella.
It is unclear if Gently will be killed off, or disappear into the sunset on a police pension.
Cook gently, under a lid or disc of greaseproof paper, until the onion is soft.
This drama likes to confront big issues like rape and racism, and this final episode is no exception with Gently (Martin Shaw) furious that guns are so easily accessible.
Meanwhile, Bacchus celebrates his promotion, leaving Gently needing a new sergeant.
The chart-topper has been cast as Megan, a holiday camp entertainer, in the new series of BBC1 show, Inspector George Gently.
THERE'S nothing like a good, oldfashioned crime drama to entertain us on a Sunday evening, and they don't come much better than Inspector George Gently.
IF a hot plate or cup has left a scorch mark on a wooden table try gently rubbing in a blob of mayonnaise.