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He's an uncommon favourite wi' the gentry, sir: Captain Donnithorne and Parson Irwine meks a fine fuss wi' him.
The delight of the Nobility and Gentry and the patronised of Royalty had, by some process of self-abridgment known only to herself, got into her travelling bed, where she was snoring peacefully, while the large bonnet, carefully disposed upon the drum, was revealing its glories by the light of a dim lamp that swung from the roof.
Gentry, an active 71-year-old who said he has never been sick, began experiencing nausea, shortness of breath, and becoming lightheaded during any physical activity.
The actress may have subtly rekindled the flame of her love for ex hubby, Lanre Gentry as it was gathered that the actress, whose marriage to Gentry crahed last year, on Thursday, made the first move that suggested she might be willing to welcome her husband back.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 10 September 2017: The world lost two country music legends Don Williams and Troy Gentry on September 8.
Troy Gentry, of the popular country duo Montgomery Gentry, has died Friday at the age of 50 years, in a helicopter crash in Medford, New Jersey, according to a statement posted on the band's official website.
The acquisitions are scheduled to close later this month and include properties in Gravette, Gentry, Prairie Grove, Cedarville, Mansfield and Charleston.
ALVEO Land recently introduced to the media an impressive 43-story structure called The Gentry Residences.
has promoted Anthony Lee Gentry to director of Safety.
Graham Gentry, aged 71, died in hospital a month after he was engulfed in flames while sat in his armchair in his flat in Frank Walsh House, in Jenner Street, Foleshill, on January 19.
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The gentry are defined as the group of knights, squires, and gentlemen lying at the bottom of the aristocratic pile, gentlemen just above yeomen.