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It is clear that, in so far as the child is genuinely remembering, he has a picture of the past occurrence, and his words are chosen so as to describe the picture; and in so far as the hearer is genuinely apprehending what is said, the hearer is acquiring a picture more or less like that of the child.
Levin said what he had genuinely been thinking of late.
She laughed genuinely at the grotesqueness of the idea.
As a rule, when she had bad news to impart to any one she administered the blow so gradually and with such mystery as to the actual facts that the victim, having passed through the various stages of imagined horrors, was genuinely relieved, when she actually came to the point, to find that all that had happened was that he had lost all his money.
But the Appellate Division unanimously found that "if the appellant (DHCR) genuinely needed more time to process the petitioners application in good faith, it should have so notified the court.
Leading Independent Analyst Firm and Secure64 to Discuss the Investment and Architectural Best Practices Needed to Create a Reliable, Guaranteed IP "Dial Tone" Built on the Concept of a Genuinely Secure DNS
But if we genuinely care about elevating the poor and middle class, or most pressing task is to develop a better understanding of why Jobs and other economic growth hormones accomplish what they do.
It improves over the hatch by having a genuinely big boot with a low loading lip to make it easier to access.
The Tepee may be the size of a small lorry, but it's massively distinckids loved the thing, it hundredweight of floor tiles without blinking, and was genuinely fun to drive.
He reminds the church that young people genuinely hunger for a faith that illuminates their lives and provides a sense of meaning and purpose.
The Pringles brand has been enhanced with two genuinely innovative and exciting pieces of NPD.
These are the people who enjoy (alongside the genuinely disabled) free passage across the Severn Bridge.