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Approximations are computed until two neighbouring results differ less than the allowable error of determining geodetic coordinates.
i]--geoid height above ellipsoid, which is a function of geodetic coordinates
calculate the geocentric and/or geodetic coordinates of sites for which data sets were recorded during one or more DOYs sessions (Paragraph 3).
Geodetic coordinates determine a position of the point on the Earth surface using the longitude and latitude in the sense of the ellipsoidal coordinates and the height above the ellipsoid in the sense of normal line to the ellipsoid.
Geodetic coordinates of the polygon points were evaluated in EUREF''89 system and normal heights in Kronsztadt'60 system.
Astronomical coordinates compared to geodetic coordinates [phi], [lambda] obtained from GPS measurements will be used for vertical deflection components determination with following equations (Hofmann-Wellenhof and Moritz, 2006):
Computed ITRF2000 geodetic coordinates ([phi], [lambda] h) referring to their respective epochs as well as their RMS errors are provided in Table 2.
It can be noted that the geodetic coordinates of the stations: ZYWI, KATO, KRAW obtained by processing GPS observations in two sessions, are in very good agreement with their coordinates given in Table 1.