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The most difficult challenge, specifically with geographically dispersed clusters, is to be able to distinguish between a communication failure between sites where the other site is still alive and a site failure where it is no longer available to run applications.
Measurement of condom use self-efficacy and outcome expectancies in a geographically diverse group of STD patients.
The combined company will represent one of the most geographically diversified portfolios of operating, expansion and growth projects in the copper mining industry.
Due to the limitations of Microsoft Exchange when meeting the needs of geographically remote offices, most organizations end up being forced to choose one of two deployment options: either a distributed approach that requires a full Microsoft Exchange server environment and the IT resources to manage it at every remote office OR a centralized approach with Outlook clients connecting to the headquarters network operations center (NOC) over a high-bandwidth network connection.
We required a network security solution that would have the flexibility and scalability to adapt to the security needs of numerous geographically distributed organizations across the state including law enforcement, libraries and the K-12 educational system," said Daniel Orr, network administration program administrator for the State of Ohio Office of Information Technology.
Everyone from wireless carriers to public safety officials and marketers have been seeking a geographically targeted messaging system that preserves the privacy of wireless subscribers and works with all wireless technologies and carriers.
American Water, the largest and most geographically diversified provider of water services in North America, today announced the appointment of George MacKenzie as Interim President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of American Water, effective January 1, 2006.
By partnering with Palamida and making IP integrity part of the overall CollabNet application lifecycle management process, developers can now effectively evaluate and collaboratively remediate issues in their code during each stage in the development lifecycle and easily communicate compliance updates across their geographically dispersed teams.
In addition to PhotoShelter's locally and geographically redundant storage solution, PhotoShelter enables photographers to turn their image archives into a revenue source through its suite of built-in marketing and sales tools.
PhotoShelter solves this dilemma by providing secure storage that is both locally and geographically redundant, with 24-hour online accessibility.
The software will provide the foundation element for the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) that facilitates inter-agency coordination and collaboration between state, federal and local government as well as the private and public sector.
The company has deployed 42 new contracts with healthcare clients across the country, ranging from local hospitalist service groups to large, geographically disbursed medical practices.

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