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As discussed and evaluated by Phillips (1994: 318), another elasticity formulation results through use of the geometric mean of the standard and reverse base measures:
All samples per recreational water on a given sampling day were combined to calculate the geometric mean abundance estimate for each recreational water (referred to herein as daily geometric mean).
The overall levels of AF-alb across the three sampling times were lower than the geometric mean 32.
Notice that due to the based technology of global there is no need for geometric mean when defining global.
In surveys 1-3, clonorchiasis prevalence in different age groups was significantly correlated with the corresponding infection intensity in terms of the geometric mean number of EPG after logarithmic transformation (p<0.
This meant that an individual physician would need to have data showing that his/her Medicare inpatients had a LOS that, on average over the preceding three months, did not exceed the DRG-weighted Medicare geometric mean by more than 2.
Responses measured 4 weeks after the third dose Main outcomes: safety, geometric mean titer antihody response, [dagger] seroconversion rate [dagger] * Results on these women not presented at International AIDS Conference.
In order to perform calculations on these matrices, such as averaging and interpolation, we need algorithms that preserve the structure of the data, such as positive definiteness, which is one of the useful properties of the geometric mean.
In a cylinder where the applied force transmission decays exponentially, a geometric mean pressure, PGM, should provide the best approximation of the central tendency.
where H and G stands for harmonic mean and geometric mean respectively.
On the other hand, if a rising cost of beef caused filet mignon and flank steak prices both to increase by 10 percent, the geometric mean formula would not assume any substitution toward or away from flank steak.
Shown in Figures 2 and 3 are the mean values of elastic stiffness ratio and geometric mean of in-plane elastic stiffness for Vortigen and standard sheets, respectively.

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