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OLD AGE. This needs no definition. Sometimes old age is the cause of loss of memory and of the powers of the mind, when the party may be found non compos mentis. See Aged witness; Senility.

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Another reason is the excellent reputation Qatar has gained as a leading country in the field of geriatrics healthcare.
The community care in the form of adult day care is also a growing segment which is supplementing the role of home care services by providing respite to the home care geriatric care workers.
If you talked about holding a geriatric conference 10 years ago, nobody would support you.
ABSTRACT The Summer Geriatric Extern Program was developed in 2004 to provide nursing students between the junior and senior year an opportunity to learn more about careers in geriatric nursing.
Nearly two-thirds of the patients being evaluated are women, with 65% undergoing systematic geriatric assessment at diagnosis and 35% at progression of their malignant disease.
One of the biggest challenges that must be overcome is a general apathy about geriatric oncology.
Geriatrics Education for Specialty Residents (GSR).
The university fully recognises the importance of geriatric medicine for the population of Merseyside and for teaching its students.
You have to take into account what the relationships are, what the personalities are,'' said Celeste Bocian, program director of Specialized Ambulatory Geriatric Evaluation at Sherman Oaks Hospital.
That discriminatory coverage policy has a chilling effect on psychiatrists' interest and willingness to practice geriatrics," he said.
In moving its offices to the Empire State Building, the American Geriatrics Society joins a number of prominent non-profit organizations that have taken space there in recent months.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 38(2), 967-972.