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Experimental evidence shows that spatial and temporal spread of migrating motor complexes (MMC) is slower and more restricted in germfree mice as compared to conventional mice (8).
Merino S, Rubires X, Aguilar A, Guillot JF, Tomas JM (1996) The role of the o-antigen lipopolysaccharide on the colonization in vivo of the germfree chicken gut by Aeromonas hydrophila serogroup 0:34.
The process uses only water, heat and a patented technology to produce a clean, germfree surface without chemicals.
X-Ray Spex, Germfree Adolescents, Caroline Records, CAROL 1813-2.
The recipient left a germfree room in an intensive care unit for a normal hospital room on Thursday last week.
In place of their old bathrooms, with their wood-encased fixtures, ornate wall decorations and fancy rugs that served as breeding grounds for germs, the rich installed new ones equipped with white china fixtures, white tiled walls and white toilets - deemed much easier to keep germfree.
Our national obsession with creating a germfree environment could result in a public health crisis as the use of antimicrobial agents becomes more widespread.
Well, he had created a germfree environment, anyway; after him others would surely be able to introduce many more improvements, but he had at least proved there was a different way.
In the new study, rats treated with antibiotics to kill off their gut microbes and germfree mice raised in sterile conditions didn't produce much acetate.
54 Garvey Corporation 23 Gemu Valves 200 Genesis Engineer 48 Gerflor 214 Germfree Laboratories, Inc.
Seth is undergoing treatment in Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary's germfree Bubble Unit while he prepares for the operation that doctors hope will kick start his immune system.
1965) History of germfree animal research at Lobund Laboratory, Biology Department, University of Notre Dame, 1928-1965.