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In addition, woody species were absent from grassland seed banks, and neither of the dominant woody plants, plateau live oak and Ashe juniper, were in germinable seed banks of any habitat.
Both readily germinable and refractory seed have been found in Helianthemum, as well as the chaparral annual Camissonia hirtella (Keeley 1991).
Banco de semillas germinable, regeneracion de la vegetacion, especies oportunistas, humedales neotropicales.
Germinable alkali sacoton seed content of soils in the Rio Puerco basin, west central New Mexico.
En el Banco de semillas germinable (BSG) del relicto de bosque se registraron 127 343 plantulas/ [m.
Percent germinable seed per raceme varied with pollination treatment ([F.
Efecto de borde sobre el banco de semillas germinable en un fragmento de bosque alto andino (Reserva forestal municipal de Cogua, Cundinamarca).
1] line were infested with approximately 3000 germinable Striga seeds mixed with fine sand.
We determined germinable seed densities over a 3-mo period during which seedlings were identified and removed.
All of these species pass at least some seeds that are intact and germinable (Miller, 1921; Johnsen, 1962; Schupp et al.
Species richness and the density of germinable seeds in soil seed banks vary more through time than among burning treatments in savannas of Australia (Williams et al.
Generally, seed which reach physiological maturity before harvest have more germinable seed and yield seedling plants which are more vigorous that those in which the maturation process is truncated.